90% of online users in indonesia has bought something on an e-commerce site or app in 2019.

We can help you sell your products like no other. We offer professional e-commerce development services tailored to your business size.

E-Commerce Development Services

E-commerce has become a very important part of most retail businesses. 

Especially in these days when we go less to malls and retail shops, it has become more and more important to have an e-commerce strategy for your business.

We have a vast amount of experience setting up e-commerce ventures and websites so we would love to support you on your e-commerce journey.

Are you just starting your digital retail journey or do you already have an e-commerce site or app but you want to increase your revenue. Please let us know, and we would be more than happy to meet with you and work with you to realize your online retail strategy.

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Our E-COMMERCE Services

Highly Scalable Solution

When you are starting an digital retail business and want to give a custom look and feel for your clients, and you want to be ready for a high amount of concurrent users than our custom e-commerce solution is fit for you.

We have vast experience in the digital world because of the projects we have done but also because we have the Indonesian e-commerce pioneers in our team.

Kalbe - HealthMall
e-commerce web development


Magento will give you all professional tools from day one. Many big brands like Adidas, MAP and others alike are using Magento to sell their products online. We can help you to do the same in a fast and professional manner.



As you knows best what your company does and what your clients need, the first step in any of our projects is interview you to understand your business.

Only when we understand the capabilities of your company and the needs of your clients we can go to the next step.


We will start designing the website and the feel we would like to give to your end-users. Of course, keeping in mind your corporate identity in every step.

After our initial design, we will present it to you and start to refine or start over. Keeping the best possible result in mind.


As soon as we know what your perfect website will look like and what it should contain, we will start the web development process with our engineers.

Our product team will stay in contact with you during the process to make sure we get the result as discussed during the brainstorming and design phase.


Are you selling a smaller collection of products but want to display them in a professional way? We can build you an e-commerce shop using the WooCommerce engine.

Do you have any questions for us?

Whether you’re a pre-launch startup or a well-established brand, we’d love to hear from you. We would love to help you realize your digital plan.